Extnd examples are online

Extnd-Explorer-OutlineWe are still working on upgrading Extnd to fully support Ext JS 4 with all of the features that were available with the previous version of Extnd that extended Ext JS 3.  We’re getting close and to show you where we are we’ve created an examples site at http://examples.extnd.com.


We still have more work on converting forms and fields automatically but we have most of the work done to support Domino Views and Outlines. So check out those examples along with our charting examples that show you how to create charts by simply using an existing Domino view as the source.

6 thoughts on “Extnd examples are online

  1. Wonderful work! Wonderful work! But I would like to know where you can get a full NSF file that illustrates the work of course if possible. I apologize for my English.

  2. What this translates to is that if you require working with anything beyond models, you will need to include a DOM manipulation library such as jQuery or Zepto. Underscore is primarily used for its utility methods (which Backbone relies upon heavily) and json2.js for legacy browser JSON support if Backbone.sync is used.

  3. Hola Jack , llevo en Lotus Notes desde la versión 3 y todas mis aplicaciones las hago con Ext.nd. Yo me siento muy triste por no poder encontrar el Ext.nd 4. ¿Donde está?

    Me quito el sombrero ante tu trabajo. Me ha hecho muy feliz.

    Gracias anticipada:

    Carlos Ramos

  4. Hi Jack, I’ve been in Lotus Notes since version 3 and all my applications do with the Ext.nd. I feel very sad about not being able to find the Ext.nd 4. Where is?

    I take my hat off to your work. It has made me very happy.

    Thanks in advance:

    Carlos Ramos

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