Improved sorting in Extnd

Ext JS View Column Sort Menu ItemsJust finished some new updates in Extnd to better support remote sorting.  We have supported remote sorting for several versions of Extnd but we until now, we didn’t handle the cases where a view column was set to only sort in one direction.  Ext JS grids assume that if a grid column can be sorted then it can be sorted in both directions.  But we all know that with a Domino view, a developer can set a column to sort in only one direction if desired. Domino View Column Sort Properties

I’m not sure what the percentage of developers do that versus setting the column to sort in both directions but it has long been preached that the more sort options you set the larger the view index is and thus the more time and resources it takes to update the view index.  Has that improved in Domino 8.5, I don’t know but just in case, we felt that Extnd needed to make sure it supports whatever the developer has configured for a view column.   So now, if only the Ascending or Descending option is selected, then only that option is enabled in the ExtJS column menu.  On the todo list is to make it an option to show the sort icons directly in the view column title like a typical Notes view column would show.




2 thoughts on “Improved sorting in Extnd

  1. Use the Sort method to programmatically sort the GridView control using the specified sort expression and direction. The sort expression specifies the column or columns with which to sort. To sort multiple columns, create a sort expression that contains a comma-separated list of field names. The sort direction indicates whether sorting is performed in ascending or descending order. This method is commonly used when you need to sort the GridView control from outside of the control, such as from a different control on the page. This method is also commonly used to programmatically set a default sort order for the GridView control when it is first rendered. Calling this method also raises the Sorted and Sorting events.

  2. One day I wanted to add sorting to my grid. And what I’ve found: if the column name contains a point (‘.’) it cannot be sortable despite of “sortable: true” option. Option index does not affect this.

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