Extnd is back!

Hello Extnd fans.  For those of you who don’t know it, Extnd is in the process of being updated to work with Ext JS 4.  This work has been on again, off again for the past couple of years but has picked up steam since December of last year.  We are getting close to having everything that worked with Ext JS 3.x working with Ext JS 4.x, including some exciting new features and support for Ext JS’ MVC architecture.  Oh, and for all of the Domino developers doing or wanting to do HTML5 mobile app development, we will be supporting Sencha Touch soon so stay tuned for news on that front.

In the meantime, you can track our progress at extnd.github.com where you can find the latest API Docs and source code.

5 thoughts on “Extnd is back!

  1. Is this project, Extnd, pretty specific to “Classic” Web Domino? Meaning not XPages? for XPages should we focus on integrating with EXTJS itself as Mark Roden is blogging?
    I’m just wondering as I want to make sure that’s clear in my head.


    • Extnd will work with both “classic” and “xpages”. I plan on doing some “how to setup Extnd” types of posts this weekend. If you need help before then just let me know.

  2. Great effort. Great documentation. Ever since I heard about ExtJS at Lotusphere years ago, I’ve always tinkered with it via WebDAV. I wish that ExtJS was chosen by IBM over Dojo to work ‘natively’ with xPages.

  3. Sencha hat mit Ext JS 4.0 ein umfangreiches Update für seine Javascript-Bibliothek veröffentlicht, laut Sencha die umfangreichste Modernisierung des Frameworks seit dessen ursprünglicher Vorstellung.

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